What is the Texas Coaches Leadership Summit?

The annual Texas Coaches Leadership Summit is the signature event of the Texas High School Coaches Education Foundation. We want to unite coaches from across the state of Texas with one primary purpose: to coach beyond the game! Over the years, the state of our society has significantly changed and children are flooding into our educational system laden with social issues that could hinder or negate their chances for success. With domestic violence coming to the forefront recently, the lack of fathers and positive male role models in the lives of American youth today is quickly becoming an epidemic that we feel athletics and coaches, specifically, can play a part in changing for the better. We will be featuring a slate of excellent speakers who will be addressing core values in the hopes that our coaches statewide can carry the torch to help our student athletes become successful and responsible citizens. 

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Bill Curry Former NFL Player/Author/Retired Collegiate Football Coach
"Genius, Power & Magic: Unleashing Your Personal Magnanimita”"

Magnanimitas is a Latin word that means greatness of spirit and soul. It recognizes the fact that every human being is different. No matter who you are, you are unique, precious, and have something wonderful inside: your Magnanimitas. Every person can discover his or her greatness of spirit and soul; develop and nurture it; and then use it for the benefit of self, team, and others. When this happens, you are reminded that there is nothing like being part of a real team, a group of people who care about each other so much that their performance exceeds the apparent sum of the team’s component parts. Teams become great only because each member is too committed to let his or her teammates or colleagues down.

Col. Craig Flowers Director of Athletic Consulting & Development for Horizon Performance

After having served over 25 years in the United States Army as a Human Intelligence Officer, retired Colonel and native Texan, J. Craig Flowers is now the Director of Athletics Consulting and Development for Horizon Performance LLC. Horizon Performance assists with the selection and development of NASA astronauts, Navy SEALS, Green Berets, NCAA Athletes, and more. Find out how elite talent trains to win.

Kevin DeShazo Author/ Founder of Fieldhouse Media

"Coaching in a Digital Age”"

Social Media has had a significant impact on high school sports. From representing a program to recruiting to
personal branding, all eyes are on athletes (and coaches). As leaders, coaches have to set the tone and intentionally
educate, equip and empower them for success online and off.

Derwin Gray Former NFL Player/Author/ Pastor of Transformation Church in Charlotte, NC
"Knowing your Why: Why Do YOU Coach?"

How you answer that question will determine how you define success. And how you define success, will determine the kind of coaching culture you will cultivate.

Dave Davlin Motivational Speaker
"The Game-Winning Three"

At the end of our lives we all will be judged by the same scorecard … the person we became … the memories we created … the difference we made. The wins and losses will fade but the impact we make on people will live on. Each individual is granted one chance to leave a legacy of influence.

Tommy Nelson Author/Senior Pastor at Denton Bible Church
"The Priesthood of a Coach"

A young person’s maturity and development through sports only occurs when the adults around them are deliberate about their meaningful commitment to character. Pastor Nelson will discuss the imperative role of a coach in our modern society.

Greg Dale Director of Sports Psychology & Leadership Programs at Duke University
"Developing a Championship Culture: Great Coaches Make it a Priority"

Coaches often underestimate the importance of establishing and maintaining a healthy team culture. Using his experience working with some of the most successful programs in the country, Greg will provide coaches specific strategies they can use to develop a strong culture that is more likely to help their teams not only thrive in good times, but also in times of adversity.

Tom Herman Head Football Coach at the University of Texas
"Changing a Culture"

Through the power of love, accountability and self-sacrifice a championship culture can be formed. The concept of “Unit Pride” and a total immersion of coaches in their players lives will create life-long, positive lessons as well as wins on the field.