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Coaching School Frequently Asked Questions...

  1. What is the fee to attend Coaching School?
    Onsite at the Convention - $90 Per Coach
    (Please note: Convention registration fees are separate from the membership fee. Membership Fee/Renewal is a separate $70 charge.)

  2. What time is registration and the exhibit hall open?
    Registration and Exhibit Hall Hours are as follows:
    Sunday, 7/17 - 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    Monday, 7/18 - 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    Tuesday, 7/19 - 8:00 AM - Noon (Exhibit Hall only, Registration is not open on Tuesday.)
    Registration and Packet Printout are located on the 3rd floor in Hall A3, please use escalators A and B to enter.


  3. Can I transfer a registration payment to another coach or request a refund?
    The deadline to request a refund or transfer a payment for Coaching School was July 1st. If you notified us before July 1st to remove a payment and create a credit in the system for your school, these credits may be applied onsite in Houston via the THSCA office in the Registration Hall.


  4. What time are the regional and general meetings?
    Regional meetings will be Monday, 7/17 from 3:45 - 5:00 PM in various locations, and the General meeting will be Tuesday, 7/18 at 11:30 AM in the General Assembly on the 3rd floor. 


  5. When is the Hall of Honor Banquet?
    We will celebrate all of our Hall of Honor Class of 2023 Inductees, our State Champions and Coach of the Year winners for 22-23 on Saturday July 15, at 7:00 PM in the Grand Ballroom on the 3rd floor of the George R. Brown Convention Center. Tickets should be purchased in advance.


  6. Will you have turf and court demonstrations again in the exhibit hall?
    YES! We will have turf demos, a basketball sport court and a volleyball sport court in the hall this year. 


  7. How will I get credit for UIL CCP courses I have completed?
    Early access to CCP videos will release online for all those that pre-register for the convention. If you attend a UIL CCP seminar onsite, you must get your badge scanned at the door by a THSCA staff member to recieve credit. We will use these scanned lists at the end of the convention to relay that credit to the UIL. If you completed a course online via our virtual option for attendees, those lists will be given to the UIL as well. Please allow 7-10 days after the convention for this to update in your UIL Portal account.


  8. When will I receive my certificate for Professional Development hours?
    Certificates will be emailed to you after the convention, the last week in July, so you will have them in hand by August 1st. Only those that attend IN PERSON in Houston, will receive an emailed certificate for continuing education hours. 


  9. Will I have access to lecture replays?
    We will record lecture content from the convention and post it on CoachTube, but access to lecture replays is not included for free in the Coaching School Registration cost. 


  10. What if I need to complete ATAVUS Tackle Training 1.0 or 2.0 this year?
    Tackle training 1.0 and 2.0 must be completed through the ATAVUS website at 

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