What is the THSCA Overtime Coaches Clinic?

Due to the profound success of our 2020 THSCA Virtual Coaching School, we have decided to take it into OVERTIME! These 2020 1-Day Overtime Coaches Clinics will be a free educational bonus to all those who registered for Coaching School and supported our associations efforts this year from afar! Your loyalty deserves to be rewarded, so we are working OVERTIME to bring you even more content!

We will open the THSCA Virtual Campus through the Virbela App for these 1-day clinics twice this fall. Come visit with sponsors and vendors in the exhibit hall, enter for a chance to win prizes and attend some of our in-campus virtual lectures in the Virbela auditoriums! 

Saturday, September 19, 2020 - 8:00 am to 3:30 PM

The first of these THSCA Overtime Clinics will serve our Winter and Spring sports! Vendors will display products relevant to the winter and spring sport coaches and we will host 24 lectures throughout the day in our Virbela Auditoriums.



Saturday, December 19, 2020 - 8:00 am to 3:30 PM 

The second THSCA Overtime Clinics will serve our Fall sports! Vendors will display products relevant to the fall sport coaches and we will host lectures throughout the day in our Virbela Auditoriums throughout the day covering Football and Volleyball! 

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1. How do I access this clinic and is it free?

This clinic is being provided free of charge to all 2020 Coaching School Registered Attendees. It will be hosted entirely on our THSCA Virtual Platform on Virbela. If you already have the application downloaded to your desktop or laptop computer just log back in using the same credentials you set up for Coaching School. If you no longer have the application on your computer you should have received an email on Monday 9/14/20 from THSCA will instructions to access the download again. If you need assistance, you can call our THSCA office at 512.392.3741.(Please remember this application does not work on mobile devices or Chromebooks.)

2. How can I access the lectures?

Again, the clinic will be hosted entirely on our THSCA Virtual Campus in Virbela. If you logged in during Coaching School, you will remember we had a General Meeting Auditorium accessible from the "GO TO" menu in the top left hand corner of the application. You can now use the "GO TO" menu to access four separate auditoriums and watch the lectures. The agenda above is also posted in the application so you can double check which auditorium you should report to. PLEASE BE AWARE: You must be ON TIME for lectures! Those that arrive late will see the video playback from the beginning, however you will most likely miss the end of the lecture if we are ready to move on and upload the next lecture for viewing.

3. Can I zoom in closer to watch a lecture full screen?

To make your viewing screen larger, locate the option at the top center of your screen when you enter the auditorium labeled "SCREEN ZOOM." This will open up several options for zooming in, you want to select "MAIN" to make the center stage screen full screen for your viewing. 

4. Will there be contests opportunities available?

YES! Please be sure you take time to browse the exhibit hall and visit with our THSCA vendors, before and/or between lecture sessions. There are 5 posted locations throughout the lobby and Exhibit Hall 1 for you to enter up to 5 times to win THSCA apparel and prizes provided by our THSCA Vendors! (Remember to thank our vendors and sponsors for their continued support of the association, this great profession and high school athletics in Texas.)

5. What if I cannot attend and would like to access the lectures?

All Overtime Clinic lectures will be posted as part of our THSCA Coaches Education Library on Coachtube along with our 2020 THSCA Coaching School lectures. The are available for purchase individually or bundled by sport. (The only opportunity you will have to access these lectures completely free of charge is by attending the THSCA Overtime Clinic on September 19th to watch them in real-time.