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Texas Coach Magazine (20-21)

Hello Texas Coach magazine subscriber!


My name is Becky Adams and I am the Director of Publications for Texas Coach magazine. Please be advised of a few key changes for the 2020-2021 publication schedule. We appreciate your patience with our team at this time, as we have made several adjustments navigating the pandemic this year.


  1. In the past our publication has been printed August-May (9 issues annually) and we skipped June, July and December. We have now changed that schedule and will now publish September – May annually for 9 consecutive months. We will not publish a June, July or August issue.

  2. Due to pandemic-related budget constraints we were unable to print and mail a publication in the fall of 2020, we did however produce the magazine each month digitally and you can access and download those issues from the links provided below. We did resume printing in January, so you should have received your January issue already and expect that February will arrive in the next week. We will continue to print and mail moving forward and I will notify you if that changes.

  3. As we have now entered into the world of e-publications, we will be offering you both the digital and print version for the same $30 annual subscription price. If you will let me know the email address you would like your digital version to be sent to each month, and also let me know if prefer not to receive the mailed copy, please email that info to You should expect email deliveries of the e-publication around the same time the printed copies are mailed each month. 


Appreciate your patience as we continue to navigate this unprecedented time.

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