What is the 4 L's curriculum & why is it important for our coaches?
Curriculum developed by Stephen Mackey of 2Words, the official Character Development Program of the THSCA


LISTEN - Lesson #1: What do you do when your impact is not what you intended?
Lesson by Stephen Mackey with Testimony from THSCA Executive Director Joe Martin

LEARN - Lesson #2: How can we teach our youth better interaction with Law Enforcement?
Lesson by Stephen Mackey with closing Testimony from Arlington Police Sergeant Brian Jones

LOVE - Lesson #3: How can we support our student-athletes in times of injustice and re-direct anger?
Lesson by Stephen Mackey with Testimony from Coach Kendall Miller of Frisco Emerson HS

LEAD - Lesson #4: How to host an honest conversation with your team about social injustice & racial equality?
Lesson by Stephen Mackey with Session Example from Jeff Traylor and the UTSA Football Program

Throughout the year, we will provide more lessons to the 4 Ls Curriculum for you to access. To access more lessons login to the THSCA Member Portal and select 4L Curriculum under the Member Services menu tab. Check back for continued curriculum development from THSCA & Stephen Mackey of 2Words Character Development.

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