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Professional Development Lecture Series

This program aims to keep our coaches abreast of up-to-date information on key and essential topical matters relating to the health and safety issues as well as developmental issues and social issues affecting our student athletes today. The THSCA is a TEA accredited entity for Continuing Education hours. 

Texas Coaches Leadership Summit

The annual Texas Coaches Leadership Summit is the signature event of the Texas High School Coaches Education Foundation. We want to unite coaches from across the state of Texas with one primary purpose: to coach beyond the game! Over the years, the state of our society has significantly changed and children are flooding into our educational system laden with social issues that could hinder or negate their chances for success. With domestic violence coming to the forefront recently, the lack of fathers and positive male role models in the lives of American youth today is quickly becoming an epidemic that we feel athletics and coaches, specifically, can play a part in changing for the better. We will be featuring a slate of excellent speakers who will be addressing core values in the hopes that our coaches statewide can carry the torch to help our student athletes become successful and responsible citizens. 

THSCA Head Coaching Academy

This workshop is built on our passion to help train the next generation of head coaches. It is designed for head coaches that want to brand their program and hone their administrative skills, as well as, younger coaches that seek the skills and mentoring it takes to become a head coach in the future. We feature an array of topics such as interviewing skills, designing & building your program, goal setting, molding your team philosophies, administrative skills & budgeting, hiring a cohesive staff, parent/teacher relations, the effect of social media on a team, and the mentoring of the younger coaches on your staff. One of our most important responsibilities as coaches is to help our young athletes to confront and comprehend the negative culture that challenges them today. As head coaches we are responsible for providing our coaching staff with the moral guidance, proper encouragement and leadership to get that task accomplished. 

F.A.S.T. Clinics

The THSCEF will be offering five F.A.S.T. — (Football, Association, Society and Tackling) Clinics throughout the state of Texas. These three hour clinics will include a Football lecture, a THSCA Association update, a leadership/character development training session and the tackling training & testing by ATAVUS for the new certification. 

"Start The Conversation" Curriculum

The “Start the Conversation” initiative aims to help high school coaches talk to and educate athletes on heavy issues like dating violence, sexual assault and consent. These issues have become more pronounced the last few years in many athletic programs across the country, and now coaches will have the materials to equip them to address these sensitive topics with their team. Coaches will now be given tools to help them facilitate discussions about taking responsibility for our words, thoughts and actions when it comes to these difficult issues. The program was released in January 2017 free online through the THSCA website and the TEA portal. It provides coaches and administrators access to a coaches starter kit, three lesson plan outlines and three videos to share with their team. 

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