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1. How do I change the school I am affiliated with in my Member Profile?  This has to be updated by our THSCA staff. Please email your name, date of birth, member number, previous school and new school to

2. How do I become a member of THSCA? A THSCA membership year runs from July 1st to June 30th of the following year. A membership can be purchased at any time throughout the year for an annual fee. The fee is the same price no matter when the membership is purchased, we do NOT pro-rate. For instructions on how to purchase and a full list of member benefits visit our Membership page.

3. Can I still purchase a Life Membership?  We no longer offer a lifetime membership option.

4. Does THSCA have a Job Board I can look at?  YES, we do have a job board available to THSCA members only. If you would like to view the job board you may purchase a membership to gain access to our THSCA member services. If you aren't currently coaching and you are looking for a job, you may still become a member of the association. That membership is called an Affiliate membership, and it is $70 for the year. If you are currently a student, the $30 Student membership will also give you access to the job board. 

5. How do I download my THSCA Membership Card? CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS

6. Does my "Coaches Pass" get me in to athletic events for free? Your THSCA Membership Card is not an athletic pass. Many venues across the state will accept it for entry to an athletic event, but it is NOT REQUIRED that they honor it. That is entirely up to the discretion of the venue and the teams participating. If you are concerned your card may be declined for entry, please contact the box office for the venue and ask in advance. 

7. Can I get into a college game with my THSCA Member Card?  Some universities do allow a limited number of members to receive tickets for their athletic events, though each university has different policies and procedures for requesting tickets. Our suggestion to you would be to contact the box office for the home school and ask what their policy is.

8. How can I become a Coach in Texas? Texas is unique in that it requires their coaches to be certified teachers. If you have not yet gotten your Texas teaching certification, please visit the Texas Education Agency (TEA) website for more information. One of our THSCA member services is an online job board, if you choose to become a THSCA member you will be given access to the job board as well as the resume posting board.

9. Does the THSCA offer legal advice to it's members? The THSCA offers a Coaches Professional Liability Insurance policy, which includes legal assistance to the policy holder. The Liability Insurance is available for purchase to THSCA members for a fee separate from the annual membership fee. If you are interested in purchasing the Liability Insurance policy please Click Here for more information. 

10. Do I have to be a member to go to Coaching School? Anyone can attend the Coaching School and Convention, you only need to pay the registration fee for the conference. 

11. How to a report if a Coach is On the Move for the magazine? Click HERE to submit a report for a coaching job change.

12. How can a recommend a speaker for a THSCA Event? Click HERE to fill out the speaker recommendation form.

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