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As an association it has come to our attention that many of our members, THSCA sponsors, and Texas school administrators operate under that assumption that our membership term starts over each year in July, in conjunction with our annual coaching school and convention. This makes sense, as the vast majority of our members renew membership for the upcoming year at the same time they register for coaching school, and in the past you have received your new membership card at the convention. We have decided it is the most logical decision for us to re-align the THSCA membership year to run from July 1st - June 30th of the following year moving forward. This will require several updates to our current operating procedures and we ask for your patience as we make this transition. 

Main reasons for adjusting to July 1st instead of the original September 1st start date:

  1. The THSCA membership year re-alignment will more closely reflect the UIL calendar, most school academic year calendars, many of your school budget renewals, and the THSCA renewal calendar we use for our sponsors, exhibitors and member service partner companies.

  2. It is our intention to continue providing members the opportunity to download the membership card from the member services portal moving forward. This digital card is compliant with no-contact protocols set forth by most event venues. As members have logged in to download their membership card, it has also helped us maintain a more accurate database of contact information and school affiliations for member coaches so we can better serve you. The re-alignment of the membership year will allow us to release the NEW member card for download beginning July 1st, granting coaches immediate access to proof of membership BEFORE they enter the new school year! We plan to have THSCA staff available at coaching school to assist coaches to access their THSCA member portal account, download and save their member card to a mobile device, and/or print a paper copy of their card if they prefer. 

  3. We have initiated discussions to re-align the Professional Liability Insurance policy coverage to the new July 1st start date. The first step in this process is to notify you of the change to the membership cycle. We will follow up with further information and a timeline for the insurance policy coverage transition when we receive those procedures from the provider. We certainly believe that offering member coaches liability insurance coverage that begins in July rather than September, makes the most sense given the summer time investment that is now required of most Texas coaches.

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Which type of THSCA membership should I purchase?

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Benefits of Being a THSCA Member:




The THSCA membership enhances your professional growth and gives you an opportunity to contribute to the improvement of your profession.

Opportunities to Serve on the THSCA Board and Committees: Advisory Committee Members and THSCA Board Members are elected by the membership at Regional Meetings. To serve the THSCA in any capacity, you must be a current member and must be present at the time of voting to be nominated.


Texas Legislature: Members of the THSCA are represented by a strong State leadership organization, which monitors current legislation and protects the coaching profession's best interest, and strives for the highest possible professional standards, as outlined by our Bylaws, Policies and Code of Ethics. 

THSCA Political Action Committee (PAC): The purpose of the PAC is to support the Texas high school coaching profession and public school athletics in Texas, as well as supporting public education as an institution. 

Straight Line Recruiting #SLR: The THSCA executive staff works as a conduit between high school and college level coaches to champion our Straight Line Recruiting Initiative. We advocate for the prioritization of the high school coach's role in the recruitment of student-athletes, and are continually working to provide more tools to educate our coaches and parents on the recruitment process.


Permanent Disability Benefit Program: Benefits of up to $1,200.00 per athlete, per year, if head coach** of team is an eligible member of the THSCA at time of injury.

Memorial Benefit Program: Death benefit of $3,000.00 to parent(s) of athlete when death was caused while participating in a scheduled practice or game, if head coach** of team is an eligible member of the THSCA at the time of death.

Benevolence Fund: This fund provides aid to hardship cases that extend beyond those covered by the Permanent Injury & Memorial Benefit Program policies. 



Eligible members may purchase an optional Coaches Professional Liability Insurance policy which provides coverage and legal assistance for the Coach both on the field and in the classroom.


Annual Coaching School and Convention:  The three-day annual conference offers cutting-edge educational sessions and multiple networking events and exhibits and provides opportunities for members to benefit from a variety of rules meetings and outstanding speakers.  It provides new contacts, a line of communication and a forum for the exchange of ideas and information within your profession for a minimal tuition fee. This convention also includes several courses offered to coaches for U.I.L. Mandatory Coaches Certification Program (CCP) credit.


Professional Development Lecture Series: The aim of this program is to keep our coaches abreast of up-to-date information on key and essential topical matters relating to the health, safety and social issues affecting our student athletes today.

Starting the Conversation: Online curriculum materials that include videos, conversation starters, role-playing scenarios and personal reflections that help coaches address the growing problem of relationship violence. Designed to help coaches create a positive team culture where aggressive, abusive attitudes and behaviors in relationships do not occur. 

The Texas Coaches Leadership Summit: The purpose of this leadership summit is to equip coaches and their staffs with tools necessary to enhance and encourage the lives of their players, especially those who come from fatherless or absent father homes. To help coaches understand the importance of “coaching beyond the game.”

THSCA Head Coaching Academy: This workshop is built on our passion to help train the next generation of head coaches. Designed for head coaches who want to brand their program and hone their administrative skills, as well as younger coaches seeking the skills and mentoring it takes to become a head coach in the future. ​


Texas Coach Magazine Subscription: Members receive 9 issues of TEXAS COACH, the primary publication of the THSCA, containing articles on the skills and techniques of the various sports as well as articles on current topics of interest relating to the safety and well being of our student athletes.

THSCA Weekly E-News: This weekly email service keeps coaches in the loop on headline news stories from across the state, and provides up-to-date information on THSCA events, programs and services.

FREE Recruiting Webinar: Online webinar resource for coaching staffs, counselors and parents which covers topics related to: Scholarship Myths and Facts, NCAA and NAIA Eligibility, NCAA Core Course Requirements, National Letter of Intent, Finding the Right School and Much More!



PROFESSIONAL Members (coaches of Texas secondary schools and athletic directors in the public school system of the UIL who are actively coaching) are eligible to vote in all Association elections, and nominate coaches for Hall of Honor, Board of Directors, Athletic Advisory Committees and other awards.  

Academic All-State Teams: Eligibility of senior athletes to be nominated for Academic All-State teams, provided the head coach of sport is a member of the THSCA as of October 15th, each year. THSCA Academic All-State Teams are published in Texas Coach and are posted on the THSCA website.


State Championship Ring: Head Coaches of UIL sports who are members in good standing as of October 15th are eligible to receive a THSCA State Championship Ring from the Balfour Company. Eligible coaches are recognized each year at the Balfour Hall of Honor Banquet and presented with their rings. This includes state champions in both boys and girls sports.

25-Year Plaques:Those members who have completed 25 years of membership in the THSCA are honored with a commemorative plaque for their loyalty.

Hall of Honor: Honors members and past members of the Association for outstanding leadership and service to the coaching profession and their contributions to the THSCA.

Victory Plaques & Certificates: Given to member coaches in all sports who have reached the required number of wins for that sport.  


Scholarships: Eligibility of your senior son or daughter to receive one of the ten $2,000 scholarships, one $2,500 scholarship (Eddie Joseph Memorial Scholarship) or one $2,005 (Fisher Woodchick Scholarship), being offered by the THSCA, provided you are a current PROFESSIONAL member.  

** The THSCA interprets "head coach" to mean the coach who is responsible for the team and is actually responsible for substituting during competition of any of the UIL sanctioned school sports.  (i.e., varsity, junior varsity, sophomore teams, freshman teams, 7th & 8th grade teams.)  The head coach must be a current PROFESSIONAL member and in good standing on the day prior to the death or injury.



THSCA members have unlimited access to the Association's World Wide Web site ( which includes:  

Texas Coach Network: Online Career Center for THSCA Members Only, with services for candidates seeking a coaching job and employers looking to hire a coach.

Open Dates Bureau: Aides coaches in scheduling of games and scrimmages in all sports.

For Sale Classified Postings: Resource for coaches looking to sell or locate sporting equipment, real estate listings, etc.

Discounts on Camp Insurance: Access to quotes at discounted rates for camp insurance for Accident and Liability Coverage.


THSCA on CoachTube: Browse our online video library of coaches educational materials including sport specific training, leadership and character development resources and health and safety topics. Discount codes available for members in Texas Coach magazine and our weekly e-news.

Parent Meeting Handouts and ScoreBoard PSAs: Download library of content related to Football Safety, Parent Meeting Talking Points, and ScoreBoard downlaods supporting and championing the efforts of our Texas coaches.



MaxPreps: As the association’s “Official Source of Scores and Stats,” MaxPreps collects schedules, scores, rosters and stats, to highlight member school/team information.  MaxPreps’ industry leading platform provides coaches with various desktop, tablet and mobile options to keep their team information accurate. Once team information is submitted to MaxPreps it will automatically be made available to the THSCA for publication. Coaches are encouraged to enter their schedule and roster into MaxPreps, and to also update their scores and game statistics immediately after each game throughout the season.

Shop for Kids: This fundraising partner works with your school to develop custom mobile apps that parents, athletes and team supporters can utilize to yield income for your team just by shopping online at their favorite retailers! 

Houston Texans and the Texas Bowl: This partnership helps our members by providing mulitiple opportunities for coaches to network. They provide networking events at coaching school, discounted tickets to college games at NRG Stadium and access to discounted Texas Bowl tickets at the end of each football season.

SportsYou: The ultimate in Team Management Platforms is now available FREE to THSCA coaches. Use this website/mobile app software to connect coaches, players and families. Quickly share calendars, alerts, messages, photos, videos, documents and more!