DIscounted Camp Insurance Available to THSCA Members through Loomis & Lapann, Inc.


As a member benefit of your coaches association, all member coaches and/or their respective schools now have the option to purchase camp insurance for the individual coaches camps or all school camps that are under the direction of a THSCA member coach.

The THSCA camp insurance program is designed to provide General Liability coverage for coaches during camp related coaching activities and Accident/Medical coverage for participants to help offset the economic loss suffered by families for a camp related injury. The General Liability limit of insurance is $2,000,000 per camp and the Accident/Medical limit of insurance is $100,000 per camp participant.

Please note schools will have the option to request a certificate of insurance showing proof of insurance or a certificate of insurance naming the school as an additional insured. Schools will also have the ability to list all school camps on the camp insurance request form and have coverage under one certificate of insurance.


Policy premium is rated and based on the number of participants per day and the number of days of camp (minimum premium: $375.00). See options below to view coverage information or log in to THSCA Member Services to access the Camp Insurance Request Form to receive a quote.