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Coaches inspire in a way that others do not.  The intangibles (character traits, leadership skills, discipline, teamwork, etc.) taught by a coach can’t be defined in a curriculum nor measured in a standardized test, but in the lives of those you touch. Your lessons are often more valuable than anything else that could be learned by a student.  Over and over we listen to stories from coaches that speak to amazing successes by students that might otherwise have been headed for a much more challenging life.  Our mission in partnering with the Texas High School Coaches Association is to help all high school and middle school coaches in Texas plan for a rewarding career so that you can keep this valuable tradition alive.


It’s not the easiest job in the world.

You plan practices, watch film, fill out paperwork, sort out drama with kids and parents, run the concession stand and work with a booster club to raise money for the team - all after you’ve finished your job as a teacher for the day!  The number one difficulty reported by high school and middle school coaches is balancing the demands of coaching and teaching.  In Texas, hiring the best coach is a priority for schools, but fitting the perfect coaching candidate into the teaching needs at the school is a common challenge. Too often coaches are desperate to find a job and take the first one that comes without putting effort into evaluating all options.  This is a recipe for a bad match that will probably have you looking again in another year or two.


You don’t expect an athlete to excel at their game without managing their training.  You expect your athletes to train regularly and pay attention when the game comes so they can take advantage of an opportunity when one arises.  Managing your career requires the same strategy. 

The Texas Coach Network will assign you your own Virtual Career Coach that constantly evaluates the available jobs around the state so that you always know your options – whether you’re looking for a job right now or not.  Your Virtual Career Coach can help you find a job closer to home, or one that pays more, or let’s you focus on the teaching subject and sports you love most.  Knowing your options makes it easier to take advantage of an opportunity when it arises!


All the coaches we interviewed before creating the Texas Coach Network told us that almost every job they had was referred to them by someone in their network – usually a former work colleague.  The only problem was that they only used one or two people in their network and took the first job available.  So we’ve already identified people you’ve taught or coached with so you can quickly and easily build your personal network of favorites.  We make it easy to stay on top of the relationships with people in your network by keeping you informed of job changes and other big events in each of their lives.  And once you see a job that interests you, your Virtual Career Coach will show you who from your network also works at the same school district.  A simple click lets you reach out to them with questions or to ask for a recommendation.

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