HB 547 UPDATE - May 21, 2021 

Talking Points Updated 5/19/21

The home school bill, HB 547, was passed throught to the Senate Education Committee on 5/18/21. The committee chose to pass HB 547 with the permissive language that had been included by the House to allow for home school participation to be a district by district decision. They also maintained the language in the bill for the amendments requiring proof of residence, and vaccine regulations. HB 547 has been added to the Senate Intent calendar today 5/21/21. We anticipate the Senators voting to "suspend the regular order of business" to fast track this bill for a vote. We have been reaching out to coaches in specific senator's districts to contact them on our behalf to and ask them not to suspend the rules and vote in opposition to this bill. We will continue to update you here.

The point has been raised several times in legislative session that 35 other states allow home school students to participate in public school activities, however Texas Home School Coalition (who is fighting for passage of this bill) also proudly boasts that Texas is one of the most relaxed states when it comes to home school regulation. As represented in this video produced by the Texas Home School Coalition. This is further evidence that this bill does not sufficiently create a level playing field for UIL activity participants.

To see how your house representative voted on this bill, CLICK HERE!

Voting results from 3rd reading on the House floor from May 13, 2021...